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Charm/Charm++ programming language

December 28, 2010

I have recently started developing a numerical solver using the Charm++ package. Charm++ is designed to abstract parallel computing from the typical MPI paradigm. The programming language is based on asynchronous communication and the construction of multiple objects per processor core (‘chares’). The system implements dynamic load balancing via the migration of chares across processors.

The paradigm itself is efficient and powers some applications which scale to extreme levels (e.g. NAMD & OpenAtom) and has a number of very useful features (visualisation, profiling & debugging), however, it may be a mess to start with for the developer.

The manual on the charm++ website is a great start along with the examples within the charm source directory. Additional resources include the webcasts of tutorial lectures. However the language desperately needs a clear API to support development using charm++.

An API will make development easier especially when using associated libraries and their limitations (i.e. C++ STL support and Barrier support).

More to come as I get further along.